2013 Lethbridge

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May 6 to May 11

2013 Lethbridge

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From the CWSF 2013 Lethbridge Host Committee...

We are pleased and proud to welcome the 52nd edition of the Canada-Wide Science Fair to Lethbridge, Alberta, May 11-18, 2013. Approximately 500 of Canada’s top young scientists from grades 7 to 12 and Cégep will have the honour of representing their regional science fair at this exciting event, with the opportunity to share in awards, prizes and scholarships that may very well shape their futures. Beyond showcasing their projects, students will:

  • SHARE a week with other Canadian students who are also interested in science and technology;
  • MEET new friends from across Canada;
  • INTERACT with scientists and engineers who work here in Lethbridge;
  • DISCOVER the wonders and beauty of Southern Alberta;
  • EXPLORE all that the University of Lethbridge has to offer;
  • WELCOME visitors in the Exhibit Hall including students and teachers from Lethbridge and area schools, as well as Southern Albertans with an interest in science;
  • ENCOURAGE others to build upon their curiosity about science and technology, and inspire the pursuit of scientific and technological solutions to the challenges that face the world;
  • ATTEND ceremonies, DANCE their hearts out, EXPERIENCE cultural activities and some of the world-class attractions unique to this region.

We’re building upon the CWSF tradition of excellence to create an exciting week-long event for participants and delegates alike. Meanwhile, we wish all participants an abundance of inspiration and dedication as projects are prepared for regional fairs across Canada with the ultimate goal of being selected for the Canada-Wide Science Fair.
Good luck! Hope to see you in Lethbridge, Alberta for CWSF 2013!

CWSF 2013 Host Committee Co-Chairs,

Mark Bellamy, P.Eng., FEC
Chris Roedler, B.A.

(Photo: BACK ROW: Rhonda Roedler, Chris Roedler - Co-Chair;FRONT ROW: Gail Holland, Erin Crane, Barb Tate, Mark Bellamy - Co-Chair)

From Youth Science Canada...

Elaine Ma, Chair - YSC Board of Directors

Congratulations to each finalist competing at the 2013 Canada-Wide Science Fair! Enjoy the opportunity to discover the similarities and uniqueness of the many regions represented from coast to coast to coast. Relish the chance to absorb the ideas and enthusiasm of the exhibit hall. Enjoy the interactions with the judges, delegates, students and others as you are challenged to describe, explain, consider, predict and prove. Most importantly, get to know your fellow finalists through conversation and the many activities planned. Enjoy the week, create memories and build your network of contacts.

All the best to each delegate in your support and guidance as well as in the decisions you will make on behalf of the youth science community.

Congratulations and the best of luck to each member of the host committee, Univeristy of Lethbridge and the Province of Alberta.

Finalists, may your preparations go well, do your best and we trust you will have positive experiences to share with your family, friends and community when you return. We look forward to meeting each of you in Lethbridge!

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Youth Science Canada,

Len Reimer
Chair, Board of Directors

Youth Science Canada

Southern Alberta Technology Council (SATC)

  • CWSF office: 403-332-5235
  • Email: admin@SATCLethbridge.ca
  • Emergency on-campus: University of Lethbridge Security - 403-329-2345


  • Check with your region’s CWSF Team coordinator regarding travel information. He/she receives regular updates from the Youth Science Canada Equalized Travel Plan Coordinator.

Registration for tours is not required. Every CWSF 2013 participant will spend Tour Day (Wednesday) visiting southern Alberta attractions by motorcoach with a tour guide. Lunch will be provided.

At 6:30 pm, participants will return to the University of Lethbridge for dinner and a casual evening in the Student and Delegate Lounge.

Tour day will include a visit to the following sites:

#1 Waterton Lakes National Parkis a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve. Lunch will be enjoyed in this beautiful surrounding.

#2 Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump is an UNESCO World Heritage Site where Native interpretive guides are present to make sure everyone has a memorable experience.

#3Wind Energy Powers Southern Alberta. Canada’s first commercial wind farm was erected in Alberta in1993. Today, hundreds of these structures can be seen in southwest Alberta.

#4 Alberta Birds of Prey Centre. This is the largest birds of prey facility in Canada. Situated on a 70 acre wetland, the centre feeatures the hawks, falcons, eagles and owls of Alberta.

General CWSF Orientation - Mandatory (Saturday and Sunday)

A general CWSF Orientation session will be available on Saturday and Sunday. Attendance is mandatory for all finalists and delegates.

Check the schedule for times and location.

Campus Tours - Optional (Saturday and Sunday)

Finalists and delegates will learn their way around campus on a walking tour. Tours will be offered in the early afternoon and evening on Saturday, as well as Sunday morning. Tours will start with an overview of the essential CWSF facilities in the Students' Union building and the 1st Choice Savings Centre for Sport and Wellness, followed by a 30-45 minute tour of the University of Lethbridge campus. Tours will leave from the information booth across from Tim Horton’s in the 1st Choice Savings Centre. Self-guided tour packages will also be available for those who want to go at their own pace.

Meet & Greet - Optional (Saturday, 8:30-10:00 p.m.)

Join your fellow finalists as the University of Lethbridge welcomes you to our campus at a reception in the University ballrooms.

Take in the competitive sounds of our dueling pianos and mingle with other finalists and delegates.

At CWSF 2013, pin trading is more than a hobby. Meet up with finalists from across the country to collect pins and be eligible for prizes. Don't forget to collect your limited edition U of L pin!

The awards ceremony will be held at the ENMAX Centre on Thursday, May 16, 2013 at 3 pm. Tickets will be available to parents and visitors on a first-come, first-served basis starting May 1, 2013.

Tickets are $5.00 (administrative fee) per person

  • Order by telephone: 403-329-7328
  • Order in person at the ENMAX Ticket Centre:
    • Monday to Friday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
    • Saturday: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

The Northwest Ticket Centre will open 2.5 hours prior to the Awards Ceremony

Location: ENMAX Centre, Northwest Entrance, 2510 Scenic Drive South, Lethbridge

Parking: West or North lot

Awards Ceremony Live Streaming

The awards ceremony will be live-streamed on Thursday, May 16, 2013, starting at 3 pm MDT. Click the link to go to the live stream page where you will be able to share in the excitement.

Visit the live stream page.

UPDATE: A recording of the Awards Ceremony is now available on YouTube.

Enmax Centre

What's new this year at CWSF 2013?
  • Shared accommodations for all participants (2 people to one room) will be provided on campus at the University of Lethbridge.
  • Project set-up starts on Saturday, May 11 at 2:00 pm. See the CWSF schedule for complete details.
  • A CWSF display, including a pre-printed header sign with the project title, will be provided for each participant – do not bring a backboard.
  • A General Orientation Session will be available on Saturday & Sunday; attendance is mandatory.
  • We will provide the following sessions on Saturday and on Sunday; attendance is optional:
    • Welcome - Campus Walking Tour (small groups)
    • Judging 101 for Finalists (workshop)
  • Public Viewing will take place on SUNDAY, May 12 from 2:00-4:30 pm and on FRIDAY, May 17 from 9:00 am-12 noon.
What will the weather be like in Lethbridge in May?

Average temperatures in May range from 5° to 20°C. Be prepared for rain by packing a raincoat, umbrella and comfortable walking shoes. It can become very windy so a windbreaker is highly recommended.

Will there be vegetarian food?

Yes, the caterers are fully prepared for vegetarian, vegan, kosher, halal and other food needs.

Will there be security for the projects?

Yes, there is 24-hour security provided in the Exhibit Hall.

Are parents able to attend the Canada-Wide Science Fair events?

Parents and the general public are invited to visit the exhibits during public viewing. See "Public Viewing" for details.

Tickets for the Awards Ceremony will be available for parents and the general public on a first-come, first-served basis. See "Awards Ceremony" for details.

Will there be buses running between events during the week?

Most events will take place on campus. Participants will be bussed to offsite events such as the banquets and awards ceremony.

Is the site wheelchair-accessible?

Yes. Campus buildings are fully accessible: however, please indicate any requirements in the "Special Needs" area during online registration.

Can I choose my roommates in residence?

Yes. Your Regional Coordinator can match you with a roommate of the same gender from your region in the online registration system. Finalists who cannot be grouped with others from their own region may be matched with finalists from other regions in the same residence area as your own group.

Can I have my own room in residence?

No. All accommodations for finalists and delegates will be "shared" (i.e., there will be 2 persons per bedroom). Finalists will be assigned to rooms based on gender, as will delegates.

Will I be able to call home?

Yes. There are phones in the student residence buildings. We recommend that you bring a calling card for long distance calls. Participants are encouraged to phone home regularly. Cell phone etiquette is encouraged at all times.

Will there be Internet access during the CWSF?

Yes, wireless Internet will be available on campus, including the exhibit hall and residence rooms.

What if I need a computer for my project display?

Finalists must make their own arrangements for any equipment.

Do regions have to send a delegate of each gender if the region has male & female finalists?

No. While this is preferred for groups with more than five finalists, the residences and activities will be organized to ensure adequate supervision for both genders. Regional Delegates will share this responsibility.

What do I need to bring?


Most of the week is casual and comfortable walking shoes are recommended however, many finalists choose to "dress up" for judging. The awards ceremony and banquet are designated as “dress-up” activities, which usually means a suit or jacket and tie for men and a dress or skirt/blouse or suit for women. Floor length dresses are not recommended.

Project materials and supplies

  • All materials and equipment for your project, carefully packed to meet airline or shipping regulations. Please note that the new project display system will be used.
  • Supplies needed to set up the project must be placed in checked baggage only – Airport security will confiscate tools in hand luggage.
  • Backup digital files for your display materials (just in case), data/logbook and extra copies of the Project Report.
  • Materials needed to repack the display materials.

Personal Items

For air travelers 12 years of age or older:

  • One piece of valid government issued photo ID that shows name, date of birth and gender, or;
  • Two pieces of valid government issued ID (without photo), one of which shows name, date of birth and gender.
  • Reference: Government of Canada - Identity Screen Regulations

Note: The name on the identification must match the “legal name” in the CWSF online registration system, which will appear on the boarding pass.

  • Money for personal expenses; a “calling card” or change for long distance calls at pay phones.
  • Dress clothes for the Awards Ceremony/Banquet; business attire for judging; casual clothes for other occasions; comfortable shoes for walking and active tours.
  • One towel will be provided; however, an additional “beach” towel is recommended, especially if you plan to visit the Max Bell Aquatic Centre.
  • Health card and personal identification (see above for air travelers).
  • Light rain gear; comfortable footwear; a warm sweater, jacket or windbreaker.
  • Swimwear and gym clothes for activities.
  • Personal toiletries and required medications; Gravol for motion sickness on aircraft, trains, buses or boats.
  • Musical instruments and other performance items can be brought if you’d like to share your talents in lounge areas.
  • Reading material, games or other quiet activities for between judging interviews.
  • Camera, alarm clock, cell phone and charging devices.
  • Regional fair pins or other items for trading.
What does CWSF registration include?

CWSF registration includes all activities and events, as well as:

  • accommodation
  • meals
  • tours
  • local transportation

Travel to Lethbridge, Alberta is provided for regional participants (finalists, delegates, and support adults) through the CWSF Equalized Travel Plan.

Incidental costs incurred by participants (souvenirs, phone calls, purchased snacks, etc.) or regions (activities in addition to the scheduled program) are not included.

IB Exams

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Program World Office rules state that IB candidates must write their exams at their home school. In recent years, this has meant that an IB candidate selected for the CWSF had to choose between the CWSF and writing his/ her IB exams.

Recently however, several CWSF finalists have been successful in securing an exception to this ruling, based on the fact that the CWSF is an "international event."

Section A9.5.4 of the Special Circumstances and Arrangements section of the IB Guidelines, which are only accessible to a school's IB coordinator (i.e., at the finalist's school), states that a student may write his/her IB exam(s) at another location if the exam scheduling conflicts with "an event of international significance" in which the student is participating. It goes on to specify that the event must have participants from two or more countries other than the host country. The CWSF qualifies under this provision, as we welcome participants from Australia, Mexico, and Taiwan.

Finalists with an IB exam or exams during the CWSF - except judging day - are encouraged to submit a Change of Venue for Exams. Finalists must be present for the full judging day (Tuesday) to be eligible for CWSF awards.

The CWSF finalist, together with his/her school IB Coordinator, must submit a Change of Venue for Exams request, citing "conflict with an event of international significance." If the request is successful, the IB office, in collaboration with the school's IB coordinator, will arrange to send the exam(s) to an IB school in the CWSF host community, where the finalist writes the exam(s) under their supervision.

Please note that Youth Science Canada has no involvement with, or influence over the success of these requests. Finalists - and their school's IB Coordinator - are urged to submit Change of Venue for Exams requests as early as possible to ensure the greatest probability of success.

The Opening Ceremonies and Banquet will be held on Sunday, May 12 at the ENMAX Centre. Transportation will be provided, as it is approximately a 10-15 minute bus ride from campus.

Participants will receive "A Western Welcome" unique to Southwest Alberta. Food, entertainment, décor and activities will capture the flavour and history of this special part of Canada. No need to dress up for this event. Just bring your appetite and enjoy a fun-filled evening as we relax and get acquainted.

As part of the evening’s festivities, Microsoft Canada will present the first ever Microsoft Canada Alumni Award to a CWSF alumnus who best personifies excellence in innovation, science and technology in their chosen field. Who will be the recipient? We’ll find out as we kick off this exciting week.

University of Lethbridge

Nestled in the coulees, the University of Lethbridge offers sweeping views of the city and river valley from the west bank of the Oldman River. Much of campus consists of natural prairie grassland, where hikers are likely to discover prickly-pear cactus on south-facing slopes, or spot white-tailed deer grazing in the sunshine.

CWSF 2013 participants will quickly feel at home as they discover all that’s available on campus.


The University of Lethbridge features four separate residence buildings on campus: Kainai House, Piikani House, University Hall, and the New Village Townhomes.

Accommodations for finalists and delegates will be “shared” (i.e., there will be 2 persons per bedroom).

Finalists and delegates will be assigned to rooms based on gender. Roommates can be selected through the online registration system. Finalists who cannot be grouped with someone from their own region may be matched with a finalist from another region in the same residence area as their own group.

Residences are non-smoking and include bed linens, towels, laundry facilities, telephones and wireless Internet.

Due to limited accommodations on campus, other registered CWSF participants will stay at a nearby hotel. Please note all accommodations are based on double occupancy (2 persons per room). All meals and activities will take place on campus. Shuttle service will be provided to the University of Lethbridge from the hotel every morning & evening.


All food service (breakfast, lunch and dinner), except banquets and off-site meals, will be provided on campus.

The University Hall Atrium will be the main dining facility for all CWSF participants. Based on your residence, the dining facility will be a short walk upstairs, or it could be a 10 minute walk. Those who are farther from the dining facilty will be closer to the Exhibit Hall. Plan to bring your comfy shoes.

Participants will enjoy nutritious, well-balanced meals in a comfortable atmosphere. Aramark is the current food and beverage supplier on campus. We will work closely with Aramark to ensure that all dietary needs are accommodated, including vegetarian, vegan, kosher, halal, as well as allergies and other restrictions.

Please include all dietary needs on your registration form.

Safety and Security:

All participants, including adult delegates and volunteers, are required to display their CWSF 2013 ID during the event. This allows security to identify participants and manage access to restricted venues, including the exhibit hall.

The Exhibit Hall will be in the campus triple gymnasium, which is located in the 1st Choice Savings Centre.

The exhibit hall is about a 10 minute walk from the dining hall. From residence, it could be a short walk, or up to 10 minutes. Plan to bring your comfortable shoes.

Admission to the Exhibit Hall is restricted to those with CWSF ID, from the start (Saturday, May 11) to the end of the fair (Friday May 17). The only exception is during scheduled public/school viewing.

Project Set-up
Saturday, May 11 (2:00 pm to 8:00 pm) and Sunday, May 12 (8:00 am to 12:00 pm):

  • A CWSF display unit, including a preprinted header sign with the project title is provided for each project.
  • Use of the CWSF display unit is mandatory - do not bring a backboard of any kind.
  • Details of the display unit are available under Projects - Display
  • Approved adhesives will be provided and must be used - no other adhesives may be used.
  • Each CWSF display unit will have access to one AC outlet.
  • Wireless Internet will be available in the exhibit hall.

When you arrive in the Exhibit Hall:

  1. Go to your assigned project number.
  2. Each display unit will be supplied with adhesives (e.g., Velcro squares).
  3. If you need basic tools (e.g., scissors), or additional adhesives, go to the Tool booth.
  4. If you need technical/computer assistance, go to the IT Support booth.
  5. Once your project is completely set up, take any packing materials to the trash area or back to your room. (Packing materials cannot be stored at your display.)
  6. Follow the procedure for the Project Safety-Check.
    Note: No display materials may be added after the project has been approved.

Project Take-down - Friday, May 17 (1:00 pm to 4:00 pm):

A check-out system will be in place for project take-down. This is to ensure that all project materials and adhesives have been completely removed from the display units. Further details will be available on site.

Following the Awards Ceremony, CWSF registered participants will enjoy a formal sit-down dinner at the ENMAX Centre.

Transportation will be provided back to campus following dinner.

The celebration will continue on campus where participants will enjoy a dance and other fun activities.

Finalist & Delegate Lounges, Sunday-Friday evenings

Curl up with a book, catch up with friends or get competitive over a round of Angry Birds. Regardless of what you're looking for, the finalist and delegate lounge offers what you need to unwind.

Located in the Students' Union Ballrooms, the lounge is close to accommodations and the main exhibit hall. Activities and games organized by student activity coordinators will be offered. Guests are also invited to use the lounge as a gathering space. Activities organized by student activity coordinators include card and board games, computer game stations, entertaining group activities (ice breakers, etc.) and outdoor activities (weather permitting). Snacks available nightly.

Discovery Day, Monday afternoon

Participants will choose two hands-on activities from over twenty-four sessions offered by some of the many departments on campus at the University of Lethbridge.

Session topics will range from the science of stop motion technology, robotics, kinesiology, soldering circuit boards, digital audio arts, GIS mapping, the physics of music, fluorescent proteins, synthetic biology, aquatic biology, 3D modeling, to lifelike simulations used in the education of health care professionals. The University of Lethbridge is home to the Canadian Centre for Behavioral Neuroscience, The Alberta Water and Environmental Science Building and the RNA Research and Training Institute and tours of these facilities are included.

We’ll also be joined by presenters from Lethbridge College to round out an inspirational afternoon of science discovery!

A Night at the Movies, Tuesday evening

Join other finalists and get dressed up for a night at the movies. Make yourself a mustache, build a fascinator, or create a look that's entirely your own.

Once you're done in wardrobe, head across the way to Anderson Hall where the University of Lethbridge is pleased to host a theatre-style viewing of six different movies. Attend a show and your name will be entered into a prize draw for a chance to win a copy of the film!

Whether your interests include archaeology, English literature, physics, or dance, we have a movie for you! So grab a bag of popcorn and find your seat, the show's about to start!

Celebration Dance, Thursday evening

Thursday night we will celebrate an amazing week of accomplishment! Break dance, jive or even do the sprinkler – we want to see you dance! Join your fellow finalists on the dance floor.

The Celebration Dance will take place in the finalist & delegate lounge, so you'll be able to enjoy all the same activities available throughout the week. Come down and enjoy another fun night of activities!

Discover Downtown Lethbridge (Friday afternoon/evening)

Downtown Lethbridge is the heart of our city. People are drawn to attend lively festivals in Galt Gardens or events at the Galt Museum, to shop at the eclectic mix of boutiques or dine in the many restaurants offering cuisine from around the world. To guide your experience, participants will receive a map showing highlights and optional activities for exploring downtown Lethbridge. Each participant will be given $15 cash for dinner at a local restaurant.


Canada benefits from the innovative science contributions of its youth.


Youth Science Canada exists so Canadian youth are engaged through science in inquiry and critical thinking.

National Science Fair Program

Each year approximately half a million young Canadians undertake science and technology projects, either as part of their schoolwork or as a personal interest. Of that number, more than 25,000 young scientists participate in over 100 Regional Science Fairs in every province and territory. There, they showcase their research and design achievements and compete to represent their region at the Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF).

October: Invent the Future [IF]

Invent the Future

Every fall, Invent the Future challenges teachers to engage their students in real science – projects related to the things they care about. We want them to ask “What IF?”, start a project and invent the future.

Find out how to get involved

March: Youth Science Month

Youth Science Month

While Invent the Future is a call to action, Youth Science Month heralds success. During March, over 25,000 youth compete to qualify for the Canada-Wide Science Fair. Youth Science Month gives Canadians a glimpse at the kinds of questions the next generation is asking about their world: from how stem cells can be used to treat cancer, to how to protect the environment or build a better mouse trap.

Check out the events and programs

May: Canada Wide Science Fair


A week-long, national event, the Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF) brings together 500 top students from across the country to compete for nearly $1 million in cash, scholarships and exclusive science opportunities.

Apart from the science, the fair is its own unique experience. The event in a different part of Canada every year brings together kids from the most remote regions of the country and their urban counterparts. Banquets, sightseeing tours, special events, dances – each Host Committee goes out of its way to showcase the cultural, natural and man-made qualities of their part of the country to the kids.

Those who qualify have distinguished themselves from amongst the approximately 25,000 young Canadians who compete in regional science fairs.

Find your fair

Team Canada-ISEF


International experiences give young Canadians a chance to benchmark themselves – and their science – against the best in the world.

Youth Science Canada’s premier international initiative is Team Canada-ISEF, which competes annually at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF). The event brings together over 1,500 students from more than 47 nations to compete for over $3 million in scholarships, tuition grants, internships and scientific field trips.

Youth Science Canada has been sending teams to Intel ISEF for 16 years – with spectacular success. Young Canadians win a disproportionate share of prizes: on average, 80% of the team returns home with awards.

Team Canada-MILSET


Participating in MILSET Expos-Sciences International (ESI) is an opportunity for students to

  • Highlight their efforts in research, science, and technological innovation as well as contributing to their personal development.
  • Establish relationships with other individuals and institutions who share similar goals about developing scientific, technical, and social projects in order to exchange ideas benefiting the needs of today's world, industry, the educational sector and society at large.
  • Allow exposure on an international level facilitating scientific collaboration among youth.
  • Promote scientific culture in a multicultural environment, allowing the sharing of educational experiences so as to achieve a higher-standard of scientific activities.

High school students are selected by their provincial youth science organizations based on the quality of their projects at the Canada-Wide Science Fair and Québec provincial science fair, as well as their ability to communicate their science and serve as ambassadors of Canada.

Team Canada-I*SWEEP


International Sustainable World (Energy, Engineering, and Environment) Project Olympiad (I-SWEEEP) in welcomes over 1,000 young scientists from 69 countries.

Team Canada

CWSF 2013 Host Committee members and dignitaries gather for announcement in LethbridgeYouth Science Canada is pleased to announce that the 52nd Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF) will be held in Lethbridge, Alberta in collaboration with the host organization, Southern Alberta Technology Council (SATC). The week-long event will be located at the University of Lethbridge from May 11- 18, 2013.

The 2013 Canada-Wide Science Fair will feature the top 400 science projects by students from grades seven through twelve selected at more than 100 regional fairs across the country. The event will include project judging, social and cultural activities, tours to regional science and research facilities, along with visits to featured Southern Alberta's tourism destinations. Approximately 1,100 students, chaperones, judges, sponsors and dignitaries will descend upon the city for this week-long event.

CWSF 2013 will bring Canada's top young scientists to Lethbridge and provide a unique opportunity to showcase Southern Alberta’s culture, industry, research and educational facilities, including the University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge College and the Canada-Alberta Research Station. The event will involve a variety of community organizations and individuals who will work together to make the national science fair experience memorable for participants. Volunteers will be recruited to assist with a variety of hosting duties, including the need for bilingual services. CWSF participants representing every province and territory will be housed in student residences on campus at the University of Lethbridge, where many of the activities will take place. The week will include opening ceremonies, a full day of judging, presentations by leading science authorities, and a gala awards ceremony and banquet.

The Southern Alberta Technology Council has organized the Lethbridge Regional Science Fair & Science Olympics for the past eight years. Winners have gone on to compete and win awards at the CWSF. SATC hopes to see a significant increase in participation at the local level over the next two years as teachers help students work toward taking their projects to the national level.

SATC is a member of the Alberta Science Literacy Association (ASLA). In addition to presenting the Lethbridge Regional Science Fair & Science Olympics, the organization is launching ASLA’s Scientists and Engineers in the Classroom program which is supported by APEGA (Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta) and Government of Alberta: Ministry of Advanced Education and Technology.

Photo:Federal, provincial, and municipal government, university, and Canada-Wide Science Fair 2013 representatives gather at today's announcement that CWSF 2013 will be held in Lethbridge, Alberta. Back row (left to right): Mayor of the City of Lethbridge, Rajko Dodic; the Honourable Jim Hillyer, MP for Lethbridge; Dr. Andy Hakin, VP Academic & Provost, University of Lethbridge; Mark Bellamy, CWSF 2013 Co-Chair. Seated (left to right): The Honourable Greg Weadick, Alberta Minister of Advanced Education and Technology; Rachel Brown, student and CWSF medal winner; Chris Roedler, CWSF 2013 Co-Chair; Katie Van der Sloot, student and CWSF medal winner.

(photo credit: Chris Yauck Photography)

Watch the Global Lethbridge interview with Rachel Brown and Katie Van der Sloot at the CWSF 2013 announcement:

It’s quite an honour for students to be selected to attend Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF) our country’s most prestigious science fair. Your child certainly deserves recognition for this accomplishment, and that’s exactly what we intend to provide when your young scientist joins us in Lethbridge, Alberta.

The CWSF 2013 Host Committee is hard at work to make sure that the experience all student finalists have in Lethbridge will be memorable for all the right reasons - exciting new experiences, outstanding activities, and friendships to last a lifetime. This is the first time for the CWSF in our city, so it will be an event for us to remember too!

Our primary goal is to provide a secure and safe environment for all students at CWSF 2013 while allowing them to enjoy their experience to the utmost. To keep track of registered participants and manage access to the events, all participants, including adult delegates and volunteers, are required to display their CWSF 2013 photo identification badges during all activities from start to end of the fair (May 11 to 18).

Meals at the University of Lethbridge campus will be prepared on site. The Host Committee and Youth Science Canada have taken feedback from past fairs into account to ensure that menus will satisfy finalists and suit their dietary requirements. Please make of note of any special dietary needs during the online registration process and notify your delegate (the adult team leader from your region who accompanies the finalists) of any other special needs, medical issues, allergies, disabilities, etc.

Please ensure that your child understands that the adults appointed by his/her regional science fair (known as the delegates) are acting on your behalf, and that your child must have any activity approved by that adult before proceeding. It is vital to your child’s safety and well being that we have delegates fulfill this parental role at CWSF 2013. It is equally important that your child recognize the delegates’ authority as well as that of any authorized CWSF officials or appointed delegates, who are ensuring a safe environment for everyone’s sake.

As part of the arrival process, everyone (student finalists and delegates alike) will attend an orientation session to learn about emergency procedures, safety, and expectations for behavior. An emergency contact list will also be provided to all participants.

Further CWSF 2013 details will be posted on this website in the months ahead, so simply review the content as May 2013 approaches. If you have any questions or require more information between now and then, please refer to the contact details. During the week of the fair, this website will also feature daily information to help you keep up with the activities.

If you plan to travel to Lethbridge for CWSF 2013, you can find information about accommodations, restaurants and attractions by visiting: http://visitlethbridge.com.

We look forward to hosting your young scientist and plan to make this event a safe, enjoyable, and educational experience for everyone!

- Mark Bellamy and Chris Roedler, Co-Chairs, CWSF 2013 Host Committee