What's new this year at CWSF 2017?
  • The buildings you will be using the most are barely 5 minutes walk from each other, and there are no hills!
  • New schedule including project set-up starts on Monday, May 15 at 9:00am. See the CWSF schedule for complete details.
  • Hands-on activities in the exhibit hall during STEAM, a Festival of Learning
  • Several tour options highlighting science and art on the prairies, including both Francophone and First Nations cultures!

Activities & Events

Campus Tours - Optional (Sunday and Monday)

Finalists and delegates are encouraged to join us for a guided campus tour on arrival day(s). Tours will be offered in the early afternoon and evening on Sunday, as well as Monday morning. Tours will start with an overview of the essential CWSF facilities.

Mini Rendezvous (Sunday, during the day)


A Message – to Participants

From the CWSF 2017 Regina Host Committee
We are pleased and proud to welcome the 56th annual Canada-Wide Science Fair to Regina, Saskatchewan, May 14-21, 2017.  Approximately 500 of Canada’s top young scientists from grades 7 to 12 and CÉGEP will have the honour of representing their regional science fairs at this exciting event, with the opportunity to share in awards, prizes and scholarships that may very well shape their futures. Beyond showcasing their projects, students will:

A Message – to Parents

We are excited to be hosting the 56th annual Canada-Wide Science in Regina, the Queen City and the capital of Saskatchewan.  Representing a land of vast expanses, small communities, and friendly people, the Regina 2017 Host Committee is ready to welcome visitors from all over Canada for this wonderful event!


Prix des défis

Sciences Jeunesse Canada a identifié sept défis, qui s'appellent les défis pancanadiens science jeunesse, qui se concentrent sur des questions importantes pour les jeunes canadiens, le futur de leur pays et celui de leur monde. Ils reflètent la tendance croissante en sciences, technologie et innovation au Canada afin de se concentrer sur les questions multifacettes et interdisciplinaires à l’échelle provinciale, nationale et mondiale.



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