About - Youth Science Canada


Canada benefits from the innovative science and technology contributions of its youth.


Youth Science Canada is a national organization enabling youth science programs through partnerships at the regional, provincial, national, and international levels.

Changing The Way We Play Science

Every year, over 500,000 young Canadians participate in project-based science – as many as play hockey. Unlike hockey, the numbers don’t last. And no wonder. If we played hockey the way we play science – “Read the chapter on body-checking and answer the questions at the back” – there’d be a lot less hockey in this country.

Since 1962, Youth Science Canada has played a vital role in nurturing the scientific impulse amongst our youth – encouraging them to get their hands dirty and develop scientific and technological knowledge and skills. Our programs represent a bold move to change the way Canadians think about science, and change the way kids play it.

We want to ensure that all young Canadians have the chance to peer through the lens of a microscope and be mesmerized by what they see. We want a country where teachers look forward to teaching science, where parents are thrilled to be “science parents” and kids can’t wait to play science.

Affiliated regional science fairs

Fired by the energy of over 8,000 volunteers- educators, scientists & engineers, and parents across a network of 102 regional organizations - Youth Science Canada works to capture the imaginations of young Canadians and broaden their access to science.