CWSF 2016 Ambassadors Announced

Tue, 2016-02-23 19:20 -- Dominic Tremblay

Youth Science Canada is pleased to announce the 7 alumni who have been selected to serve as Ambassadors at CWSF 2016 in Montreal - the result of a highly competitive process involving 31 applicants. The CWSF Ambassadors are former CWSF finalists who have graduated from secondary school and who will interact with students and chaperones throughout the week. Finalists annually rate the Ambassadors as being one of most impactful elements of their CWSF experience. We look forward to this year's Ambassadors helping us to deliver Canada's premiere youth science event

Vivian Pang from Ontario will coordinate the team of Ambassadors at CWSF 2016.

Meet the Ambassadors and learn what they are most excited about to be an Ambassador.

  • Olivier Cloutier - QC

The CWSF means a lot to me. It has been the achievement of many months of hard work and a confirmation of my place in Sciences. It has given me the opportunity to express my passion for research, meet new people, travel all around Canada, and ultimately, find who I am.
  • Megan Howse - NL

 CWSF means pushing yourself and exploring new opportunities you never dreamed of. It is a place to grow, learn and be inspired. 
  • Chantal O’Neil - ON

To me, the CWSF is a rewarding experience that gathers students with common interests from across the country and allows them to make lifelong friendships. As a student, this event definitely helped me decide which field interests me the most as I am now pursuing my studies in health sciences.
  • Daniel O'Neil - ON

For me, the CWSF has always been a two-way learning experience, as you get to present your own work to judges and hear about others' projects. The gathering of finalists from across Canada makes it a stimulating environment for meeting students from all backgrounds and expanding your own horizons.


  • Austin Sawyer - BC

Attending the Canada Wide Science fair three times has provided me some of my most cherished memories and best friendships.  These adventures opened up so many opportunities for me and have inspired me to follow my passion for science into university.

  • Samantha Stuart - ON

CWSF is without fail the best week of the year; it's a life-changing chance to explore your passion for STEM in a crowd of 500 likeminded peers, and an incredible opportunity to build your confidence, presentation skills, and network. It's been three years now since my last fair, and the connections I've developed through CWSF are still with me today!

  • Mahidul Syed - QC

CWSF is an opportunity for students to choose any subject they wish and further expand their knowledge using their creativity and imagination without any restrictions. It’s also a chance for students to learn from other fellow scientist in an event that is really like nothing else.