Day 3: Tour Day and Sugar Shack

Tue, 2016-05-17 21:04 -- Jessie MacAlpine

After the long day of judging yesterday, finalists woke up rejuvenated and excited for their day of exploration. Starting in the morning, finalists and delegates began their hop-on-hop-off tour of Montreal. Double decker buses filled with students on campus and took them on a scenic tour around Montreal, making stops all across the city. Finalists and delegates were free to explore at their leisure, visiting the Old Port, Biodome, Museum of Contemporary Art, Montreal Science Centre, Olympic Park, Mount Royal and so much more. Some students even ventured down below the city to explore the weatherproof underground system of tunnels, shops and metro stretching underneath the busy Montreal streets. Despite the cold weather, the sun was shining and brightened the days of every student as they adventured through Montreal.

Following a busy day of tourism, the students finished off the evening with a delicious affair. The Sugar Shack celebration was held in McConnell Arena, featuring maple candies, traditional French Canadian food and lots of pastries. Folk music serenaded the finalists as they enjoyed their sugary treats, and soon they were given the chance to make their own music after wooden spoons were handed out. The night then finished off with square dancing and relaxing fun and games.

Every finalist will have trouble sleeping tonight in anticipation of the exciting day tomorrow…which begins with a very special keynote address from Colonel Chris Hadfield! The inspiring astronaut will deliver his address from Currie Gymnasium before touring the exhibit hall and meeting some of our finalists during public viewing. A role model to all young scientists and innovators, we cannot wait to hear what he has to share with the finalists at this year’s Canada-Wide Science Festival!  

On that note, the exhibit hall, exhibitor booths and On the Podium speaker series will all be open to the public tomorrow starting at 10am. The full schedule is available at Come and check out all of the amazing science happening in basements and laboratories across the country! The exhibit hall is located at Tomlinson Hall on McGill University campus and details on parking and visiting the venue are available on the website.

Today’s fun fact about Montreal is that John Lennon’s famous song “Give Peace a Chance” was written during a stay at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel downtown on June 1, 1969.

The weather tomorrow is looking a lot warmer, with a high of 17 degrees and mostly sun. Although finalists and delegates will be in the exhibit hall for most of the day, hopefully you’ll be able to enjoy the sunshine in between all of the exciting events.

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