Planes, Trains & Automobiles and the occasional Bus

Sat, 2011-05-07 19:25 -- scott.berry

Planes, Trains & Automobiles and the occasional Bus
Packing, repacking, checking the list and asking yourself:
“What did I forget to pack?”
“Did I remember the pins to trade?”
“Is my project board too big, too heavy for travelling by plane?”
With the distances that separate one side of this great country from the other and the expanse of territory our country covers, many of the participants have had to take many exhaustive routes to get to the fair.  Some groups can take up to three days to arrive at the fair. They bring with them the pride of their communities, their love of science and the hope being chosen as one of those who go up on stage.
The organization of this travel and its connections is a massive undertaking.  The myriad of possible interconnections and arrangements with the companies that provide the transportation make it more than just a simple undertaking.
Over the many years of travelling to Canada Wide I have had many experiences with airports and regulations. Going through the airport can always be a great experience especially if it is one you have never seen before. Did you remember to leave all those liquids or sharp objects out of your care-on luggage?  While going through security we have had participants and delegates over the years that have had to; 

  • - mail home a small pocket knife from the security office,
  • - had a set of screw drivers confiscated,
  • - had to leave many liquids on a security table,
  • - almost paying another seventy-five dollars because one project was a couple of hundred grams over weight,
  • - having our luggage arrive at our house a day after we got home,
  • - having to take off shoes, socks and belts, and being patted down with our arms up in the air,
  • - had to have every project we brought opened, removed, x-rayed, scrutinized and then repacked.
  • - and many more.

(reminders for you)
We made it through all this and it added many memories that we still talk about today.
Be prepared for whatever happens. Plan your trip carefully and remember to pack more than you need because you can always use what you brought but never what you didn’t. Prepare to have fun.
Take our poll on the SMARTS Online Community system on how you got to CWSF 2011 and share your experiences that make the Canada Wide Science Fair one of the most memorable experiences.