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Le Canada bénéficie des réalisations scientifiques et technologiques innovatrices des jeunes Canadiens et Canadiennes.


Science jeunesse Canada est une organisation nationale qui met en œuvre des programmes scientifiques destinés aux jeunes au moyen de partenariats aux niveaux régional, provincial, national et international.

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Individual versus Pair Projects

The criteria for judging pair projects are the same as for those done by individuals. It is important, however, that each member of the pair demonstrates her/his significant contributions to the project and comprehensive understanding of it. This can be accomplished through statements made in the interview by each member and/or by questions asked by the judge. In conducting the interview, the judge should direct questions to an individual to make sure that each has an opportunity to speak.


Judging – Interview

Consider sitting, so that you and the finalist are more nearly the same height.

Introduce yourself and ask each finalist to do likewise.

Ascertain, through questioning, each participant’s contribution to and knowledge of the project.

The physical display is secondary to the participant’s understanding.

Pose your questions in a positive, non-threatening manner.


International Awards

We are fortunate to have visitors from other countries come to the Canada Wide Science Fair to share with us their culture and their scientific excellence. They are eligible for a Gold, Silver or Bronze Medal, and are judged separately from the other awards.

We currently host International projects from Mexico and Taiwan.



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