Welcome to Montreal 2016

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May 15 to May 20

Welcome to Montreal 2016

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Welcome - Bienvenue!


A Message to All Participants from the Montreal Local Host Team
We are thrilled to welcome you to McGill University for the 55th annual Canada - Wide Science Festival (CWSF), which will be held in Montreal, from May 15 to May 20, 2016. Montreal is truly a city to experience: old world charm, French joie de vivre and a modern style all to its own. 
Montreal is a fluently bilingual city (French and English) and most citizens can carry a conversation in either language. We are the largest bilingual city in North America and Montrealers work, rest and play in a multitude of languages and cultures. Our diversity makes Montreal a culturally unique city within Canada as well as North America. 
We’re building upon the CWSF tradition of excellence to create an exciting week-long event for Finalists and Delegates alike. While in Montreal, beyond showcasing their award winning projects, students from across the country will:
  • EXPERIENCE Montreal’s “JOIE DE VIVRE”, history and beauty;
  • MEET new friends from across Canada;
  • SHARE a week with other Canadian students who are also interested in science and technology;
  • INTERACT with scientists, engineers and other professionals who work here in Montreal;
  • DISCOVER the wonders and beauty of Montreal;
  • EXPLORE all that McGill University and Montreal have to offer;
  • WELCOME thousands of visitors in the Exhibit Hall including students and teachers from Montreal area schools;
  • ENCOURAGE others to build upon their curiosity in science and technology;
  • INSPIRE youth to tackle the challenges facing the world with scientific and technological solutions; and
  • CELEBRATE at our ceremonies and special events.
Our featured activities for participants include:
  • The Opening Event, Saveurs de Montreal (Flavours of Montreal) where participants will be entertained by acts representing several of Montreal’s cultures and will enjoy some of Montreal’s most famous foods;
  • McGill Block Party, where local food trucks and inflatable games will create a festival environment for all;
  • Tour Day, a city wide tour which can be tailored to all tastes using the London Style Double Decker Bus loop;
  • Café YUL, the return of the CWSF Talent Night with a Montreal Twist
  • MUCH Video Dance following the Awards Gala Dinner
  • Farewell River Cruise, where participants will celebrate a week with new friends on the St. Lawrence River aboard the Cavalier Maxim
If you are a nature lover, you will not be disappointed. Just remember that Montreal was named after it’s mountain, Mount Royal. McGill University is situated on this mountain, and therefore walking distances, though short, do require comfortable walking shoes! 
Montreal also loves Science and Technology! We look forward to sharing this passion for research and innovation with you. 
See you in Montreal, Québec for CWSF 2016!
The CWSF 2016 Montreal Host Team


Eyal Baruch, Christie Brown (Co-Chair), Carole Charlebois, Oliver De Volpi, Barry Hannah (Co-Chair), Rocco Iafigliola, Jan Novak, Gus Porchetta, Nancy Trottier, Rosetta Vanelli, Wilson Wong (Co-Chair)

Opening Event: Saveurs de Montréal (Flavours of Montreal)

The Opening and Welcome Event will be held Sunday, May 15 from 16:30 - 21:30
16:30 - 17:30: Welcome and Opening Ceremony (Molson Stadium)
  • Say “SCIENCE” as participants gather on the field to meet each other and for a group photo opportunity
  • The group photo will be followed by a short opening ceremony, including a ceremonial flag raising, as well as finalist and delegate pledges
17:45 - 18:00: Parade of Finalists
  • All participants will be piped along the “purple trail” from Molson Stadium to the McConnell Arena (approximately 300m). The Pipes and Drums marching band represents the Scottish quadrant of the City of Montreal Flag
18:00 - 21:30: Flavours of Montreal 
  • The opening dinner will take place in the McConnell Arena which will be transformed into amazing Finalist and Delegate lounges
  • Throughout the night, let your taste buds be delighted by many of Montréal’s famous foods. From poutine to smoked meat, bagels & lox to maple syrup, there will be something for everyone at our buffet tables
  • Let live entertainment representing many of Montreal’s cultural communities delight you. The acts may include:
    • Mohawk, First Nations Drum Dance
    • French music
    • Bernadette Short Celtic Grace Irish Dancers
    • Solstice, Irish Fiddlers
    • Scottish, Highland Dancers
    • English dance school
    • Japanese Ceremonial Drummers
  • Be sure to explore all areas of the arena floor…  There will be something for everyone 
  • Plenty of seating is guaranteed, but don’t feel like you are tied to your table!
  • No need to dress up for the event, just bring your appetite and enjoy a fun-filled evening as we relax and get acquainted.


Optional Arrival Activities on Saturday and Sunday:

  • Campus Tours (Saturday afternoon & evening, and Sunday all day) Finalists and Delegates are encouraged to join a guided campus tour on arrival day(s). Tours will be offered in the early afternoon and evening on Saturday, as well as all day Sunday. Tours will start with an overview of the essential CWSF facilities such as the McConnell Arena, the Athletics Complex, and followed by a 30-45 minute tour of lower campus. Be sure to have appropriate footwear. Remember that McGill is located on Mount Royal.
  • Swimming at McGill Athletics Complex (Saturday Evening, 18:00 - 20:00)
  • Hike Mount Royal Park (Various opportunities through the week): We are located at the base of Mount Royal Park. The trails up to Chalet Mont Royal are steps away from the residences. Please note: it is important to explore the mountain with others and never alone.  We will organize group adventures during the week for those interested.
  • The “EAST-WEST BOWL” You are welcome to watch the EAST-WEST Bowl at Molson stadium. This college football game will be held at Molson Stadium, McGill University on Saturday afternoon.

The [email protected] Evening Activity Line-Up:

On-going: Finalist & Delegate Thematic Lounges (Sunday to Thursday)
The McConnell Arena will be transformed into an amazing Finalist and Delegate lounge area. Themes will be established each evening, but regular activities will be on-going throughout the week.  Take part in putting a 9000 piece puzzle together, a fierce board game, play some video games, dance, or simply relax with new friends. The Finalist and Delegate Lounge is the place to be in the evenings if you need some downtime. The arena is located between the Exhibit Hall and the Upper Residences. 
Board games, cards, video games, books, movies, and sports equipment will be available each evening. Snacks will also be available nightly. Weather permitting, there will also be plenty of opportunities to play soccer, frisbee, volleyball, or blow some bubbles on the mountain.

MONDAY: McGill Campus Block Party

After a day of judging, come blow off some energy at the McGill Campus Block Party. Montreal Food Trucks look forward to feeding you near the McConnell Arena, while inflatable and carnival games will be set-up to increase that festival feeling. 
McConnell Arena will also be open (especially in case of rain), for those who want to sit and relax, or continue on that 9000 piece puzzle!

TUESDAY:  Sucrerie sur la Montagne (Sugar Shack on the Mountain) 

After a full day of touring Montreal, participants should save some energy for the evening lounges which will be transformed into a sugar shack for the night. You will be treated to sugar shack delights (such as pancakes and bacon for supper!), lots of entertainment and of course, “Tire sur la Neige” (Maple Taffy on the snow). 
The regular activities (including that 9000 piece puzzle) will also be available for those who don’t have the energy for dancing!

WEDNESDAY: Café-YUL, The CWSF Talent Night 

Montreal is renowned for it’s numerous cafés and artistic flair - and we often like to put these elements together. Back by popular demand, the CWSF Talent Night is back, with a Montreal twist. The acts will take place on stage throughout the evening, while the audience relaxes with a hot beverage and snack. 
Participants who wish to be part of the Talent Night are encouraged to apply through the registration system. If you would like to perform, please make sure you bring your instruments with you. We hope to announce the lineup by May 7th, 2016.  
The usual activities (board games, the 9000 piece puzzle, video games, cards, etc.) will also be available. 

Thursday: Awards Gala Dinner and MUCH Video Dance Celebration

The celebration of everyone’s accomplishments will continue on campus! CWSF 2016 registered participants will be bused to the McConnell Arena to enjoy a celebratory Gala Dinner and MUCH Video Dance. Snacks and the usual Finalist Lounge activities will be available as well. 

Friday: Farewell River Cruise on the St. Lawrence River

After an early dinner that will be held on campus, all participants will be bused to the Old Port of Montreal where they will board Le Maxim Cavalier for an evening river cruise and dance. Relax on the ship in the lounge areas, or dance up and down the river in the main ballroom. Be sure to take some pictures while it’s still daylight of Montreal from the River - it’s a spectacular view. Snacks will be provided.
Participants will be bussed back to campus, where it will be time to prepare for departure early Saturday morning. We hope that this river cruise will be a moment to remember as you bid farewell to new friends.

Hop-On, Hop-Off Bus Tour of Montreal: Experience the City at Your Own Pace

Discover Montreal while being chauffered around Montreal in London style double decker busses between 9:00 and 17:30. There are 12 stops on the “red loop,” including a stop back at the McGill Athletics Complex, as well as an “Olympic Village Loop” which will bring you to the Olympic Stadium and the Science-tech rich “Espace pour la Vie”. Professional and informative tour guides will be on each of the buses to provide you with Montreal’s history and fun facts between stops.
With 12 different places to hop-on or hop-off there is no shortage of things to do and places to see. The day has been designed to allow each region to customise their experience (with your Delegate’s approval of course). The Host Team, with help from Tourism Montreal, can assist you in planning your day based on your interests.

Safety First:

Your safety is our priority. Montreal is a very safe and bilingual city and the stops along the route are the most popular destinations. Participants will be given a special wristband for anonymous identfication (we suggest that you bring your name tag, but leave it in your backpack). In addition, Team UV will be “À Votre Service” (At Your Service) throughout the day. Our network of volunteers will be placed on each of the buses, as well as at each of the stops for any questions or concerns you may have. Need additional assistance? An email, texting and phone line service will be provided by the Host Team to participants, and will be available during the day.

The Experience:

The buses will run on a continuous loop throughout the day. A bus passes by each stop every 15 minutes to half hour (a schedule, personalized for CWSF will be provided to you). For the normal route, please see the following link: http://media.tourcms.com/a/5886/2/5867.pdf The bus route, if you do not get off at any of the stops takes 2 hours.


Morning Departures, from the McGill Residences, will take place every 10 minutes between 9:00 and 10:30

You must ensure that you catch the last bus of the day from whatever stop you are at (check the schedule to see what time the last departure is from the stop closest to you). The Gray Line buses will ensure your return to the residences if you are on the last bus of the day. If you do not make it onto the last bus, it simply means that you will be responsible for either walking back to campus (10 minute walk if you are downtown, a 4 hour walk if you are at the Oratory or Olympic Village), or you may use the bus and metro system, or taxi (at your own cost)

A CWSF personalized map and schedule will be provided to the participants in the Welcome Kit upon arrival at campus.

What to wear?

  • Participants will need to use judgment based on the weather forecast. In the month of May, temperatures and conditions can vary greatly during the day. Just because it’s sunny in the morning, this does not guarantee that it won’t rain by the afternoon. We suggest that you dress in layers
  • Comfortable walking shoes are a must

What to put in your backpack?

  • Lunch money will be provided to your Delegate prior to departing campus
  • Sunscreen and hat if it’s a sunny day
  • An umbrella
  • Spending money for snacks and souvenirs during the day
  • The maps and pamphlets for the locations you intend to visit during the day
  • Your camera for the spectacular sights you will see
  • Your cell phone in case of emergencies

What to see and do?

Click here for just a few of the possible sites for you to visit and activities to take part in. To help you plan, we have rated the stops using our own rating scale and have indicated how much time we suggest you should plan to be there. Participants will be provided with a custom map for CWSF 2016 participants. The map will include names and addresses of museums and other highlights which will be free of charge or at a reduced rate to CWSF 2016 participants.

Over the course of the public viewing hours on Wednesday, May 18th, Finalists will be assigned “Mini-McGill” activities as part of the Finalist Rotation. Sessions could include (a full list with descriptions will be published in April 2016):

  • Visiting the “Sports Equipment Lab” where McGill researchers study NHL equipment 
  • Touring Redpath Hall, McGill’s own Natural History Museum
  • Visit the McGill Space Institute
  • Tour the Neuro Institute, where pioneer brain research is conducted
  • Visit the Engineering Complex, or the new Life Sciences Building
  • Attend a lecture with one of McGill’s professors and become a true McGillian for an hour

Awards Ceremony

The Awards Ceremony will be held at Théatre St. Denis on Thursday, May 19, 2016 from 15:00 to 17:00.
1594, rue St. Denis
Montréal, QC 
H2X 3K2
Following the Awards Ceremony, all attendees will have the opportunity to mingle with new friends and enjoy photo ops. Buses will transport Finalists and Delegates to and from the Theatre. A schedule will be provided in your welcome package.
Tickets for the Awards Ceremony will be available to visitors on a first come, first served basis.  See Visitors' Package for all the details. 

Awards Gala Dinner and  MUCH Video Dance Celebration

The fun will continue on campus as we celebrate an amazing week of accomplishments! CWSF 2016 Finalists and Delegates will be bused back to the McConnell Arena to enjoy a celebratory Awards Gala Dinner and MUCH Video Dance. Snacks and the usual Finalist Lounge activities will be available as well. This event is open to Finalists and Delegates only. 


The Exhibit Hall will be in the Thomlinson Fieldhouse, housed in the McGill Athletics Centre. 
The Exhibit Hall is about a 5 minute walk from the Bishop Mountain Hall Complex (the Upper Residences). Plan to bring comfortable walking shoes. 
Admission to the Exhibit Hall is restricted to those with CWSF ID, from the start (Sunday, May 15) to the end of the fair (Friday May 20). The only exception is during scheduled public/school viewing.
Project Set-up:
The Exhibit Hall is open for set-up on Sunday, May 15 (9:00 to 16:00):
  • A CWSF display unit, including a preprinted header sign with the project title is provided for each project.
  • Use of the CWSF display unit is mandatory - do not bring a backboard of any kind.
  • Details of the display unit are available under Projects - Display
  • Approved adhesives will be provided and must be used - no other adhesives may be used.
  • Each CWSF display unit will have access to one AC outlet.
  • Wireless Internet will be available in the exhibit hall.
When you arrive in the Exhibit Hall:
  • Go to your assigned project number.
  • Each display unit will be supplied with adhesives.
  • If you need basic tools (e.g., scissors), or additional adhesives, go to the Tool booth.
  • If you need technical/computer assistance, go to the Information booth.
  • Once your project is completely set up, take any packing materials to the trash area or back to your room. (Packing materials cannot be stored at your display.)
  • Follow the procedure for the Project Safety-Check.
 Note: No display materials may be added after the project has been approved.
Project Take-down - Friday, May 20 (12:00 to 14:00):
A check-out system will be in place for project take-down. This is to ensure that all project materials and adhesives have been completely removed from the display units. Further details will be available on site.
What will the weather be like in Montreal in May?
Average temperatures in May range from 5° to 20°C. Be prepared for rain by packing a raincoat, umbrella and comfortable walking shoes. It can become very windy so a windbreaker is highly recommended.
Will there be vegetarian food?
Yes, the caterers are fully prepared for vegetarian, vegan, kosher, halal and other food needs. Make sure to include your dietary restrictions in the registration system.
Will there be security for the projects?
Yes, there is 24-hour security provided in the Exhibit Hall. We recommend that students keep electronic devices with them overnight.
Are parents able to attend the Canada-Wide Science Fair events?
Parents and the general public are invited to visit the exhibits during public viewing; May 18th to May 20th. 
Tickets for the Awards Ceremony will be available for parents and the general public on a first-come, first-served basis. A special Visitors’ Package has been created for those wishing to spend a few days in Montreal.  See "Visitors’ Package" for details.
Will there be buses running between events during the week?
Most events will take place on campus. Participants will be bussed to offsite events such as Tour Day, the Awards Ceremony and the River Cruise.
Is the site wheelchair-accessible?
Accessibility accommodations will be met, please indicate any requirements during online registration.
Can I choose my roommates in residence?
The majority of the dorm rooms in the Upper Residences at McGill are individual rooms. Each room is furnished with a single bed, a desk area, an armoire, and a small refrigerator. Finalists will be assigned to rooms based on gender, as will Delegates.
Can I have my own room in residence?
The majority of the rooms in Upper Residences at McGill are single rooms so all Finalists and Delegates will have their own room.
Will I be able to call home?
Yes. There are phones in the student residence buildings. We recommend that you bring a calling card for long distance calls. Participants are encouraged to phone home regularly. Cell phone etiquette is encouraged at all times.
Will there be Internet access during the CWSF?
Yes, wireless Internet will be available on campus, including the Exhibit Hall and residence rooms.
What if I need a computer for my project display?
Finalists must make their own arrangements for any equipment required. It is expected that the Finalist will bring their own device.
Do regions have to send a delegate of each gender if the region has male & female finalists?
No. While this is preferred for groups with more than five finalists, the residences and activities will be organized to ensure adequate supervision for both genders. Regional Delegates will share this responsibility.
What do I need to bring?
Most of the week is casual and comfortable walking shoes are recommended. However, many Finalists choose to "dress up" for judging. The evening of the awards ceremony is also designated as a “dress-up” event, which usually means a suit or jacket and tie for men and a dress or skirt/blouse or suit for women. Floor length dresses or gowns are not recommended.
Personal Items
  • For air travelers, one piece of valid government issued photo ID that shows name, date of birth and gender is required. Reference: Government of Canada - Identity Screen RegulationsNote: The name on the identification must match the “legal name” in the CWSF online registration system, which will appear on the boarding pass.
  • Money for personal expenses; a “calling card” or change for long distance calls at pay phones.
  • Dress clothes for the Awards Ceremony/Banquet; business attire for judging; casual clothes for other occasions; comfortable shoes for walking and active tours.
  • One towel will be provided; however, an additional “beach” towel is recommended.
  • Health card and personal identification (see above for air travelers).
  • Light rain gear; comfortable footwear; a warm sweater, jacket or windbreaker.
  • Swimwear and gym clothes for activities.
  • Personal toiletries and required medications; Gravol for motion sickness on aircraft, trains, buses or boats.
  • Musical instruments and other performance items can be brought if you’d like to share your talents in lounge areas.
  • Reading material, games or other quiet activities for between judging interviews.
  • Camera, alarm clock, cell phone and charging devices.
  • Regional fair pins or other items for trading.
Project materials and supplies
  • All materials and equipment for your project, carefully packed to meet airline or shipping regulations. Please note that the new project display system will be used.
  • Supplies needed to set up the project must be placed in checked baggage only – Airport security will confiscate tools in hand luggage.
  • Backup digital files for your display materials (just in case), data/logbook and extra copies of the Project Report.
  • Materials needed to repack the display materials.
What does CWSF registration include?
CWSF registration includes all activities and events, as well as:
  • accommodation
  • meals
  • tours
  • local transportation
Travel to Montreal is provided for regional participants (finalists, delegates, and support adults) through the CWSF Equalized Travel Plan.
Incidental costs incurred by participants (souvenirs, phone calls, purchased snacks, entrance to museums, etc.) or regions (activities in addition to the scheduled program) are not included.
IB Exams
The International Baccalaureate (IB) Program World Office rules state that IB candidates must write their exams at their home school. In recent years, this has meant that an IB candidate selected for the CWSF had to choose between the CWSF and writing his/ her IB exams.
Recently however, several CWSF finalists have been successful in securing an exception to this ruling, based on the fact that the CWSF is an "international event."
Section A9.5.4 of the Special Circumstances and Arrangements section of the IB Guidelines, which are only accessible to a school's IB coordinator (i.e., at the finalist's school), states that a student may write his/her IB exam(s) at another location if the exam scheduling conflicts with "an event of international significance" in which the student is participating. It goes on to specify that the event must have participants from two or more countries other than the host country. The CWSF qualifies under this provision, as we welcome participants from Australia, and Mexico.
Finalists with an IB exam or exams during the CWSF are encouraged to submit a Change of Venue for Exams to IB and they must request approval for the temporary leave to the Chair, National Policy Advisory Committee. Finalists must be present for the full Judging Day, all Public Viewing Hours and the Awards Ceremony.  See Policy CWSF Responsibilities - Finalist, Section 4.1.3
The CWSF Finalist, together with his/her school IB Coordinator, must submit a Change of Venue for Exams request, citing "conflict with an event of International significance." If the request is successful, the IB office, in collaboration with the school's IB coordinator, will arrange to send the exam(s) to an IB school in the CWSF host community, where the finalist writes the exam(s) under their supervision.
Please note that Youth Science Canada has no involvement with, or influence over the success of these requests. Finalists - and their school's IB Coordinator - are urged to submit Change of Venue for Exams requests as early as possible to ensure the greatest probability of success.
There are a number of IB Schools in the Montreal area.


Online Registration, Awards Program, Sponsors and General Inquiries
CWSF Event/Logistics
Media Contacts
Travel Inquiries
Participants should check with their region’s CWSF Team coordinator regarding travel information. He/she receives regular updates from the Youth Science Canada Equalized Travel Plan Coordinator.


Montreal, McGill University
In Case of Emergency:
  • Montreal Emergency Services: 911
  • Emergency On-campus McGill Security: 514-398-3000 
  • If needed, there is an emergency phone which will connect you directly to Emergency Campus services outside of Bishop Mountain Hall. It is on a yellow pole.
Contact Us (24 hours):
CWSF Local Host Offices:
  • Main Office: Molson Hall Common Room (7:00 to 22:00)
  • Satellite Locations:
    • BMH Information Desk: Open during peak hours in the BMH Lobby
    • New Hall Information Desk: Open Monday, and Wednesday through Friday (Teachers Conference)
    • Volunteer Information Desk: In the Exhibit Hall, during public viewing hours Wednesday May 18th - Friday May 20th 







Questions from finalists and answers from the judging committee. After watching the 4 videos and reading the answers to questions from finalists, if you still have a question, please fill out our Q&A form and come back here in 48 hours for an answer. 


The Questions will appear in bold

The answers from the judging committee will be underneath. We are looking forward to answering all your judging questions!

Would it be considered plagiarism if a very similar experiment has already been performed? Like if you have made some changes, but it is basically very similar. Is it just enough to cite it?

If you have performed a similar experiment to one that has been done before, you need to do two things: The first is to cite it. The second is to write about what you have done in the experiment that is different: what unique contributions have you made? This information should be included in your five page report and on your poster.

In the five-page report, does the bibliography/references/acknowledgements have to be double-spaced as well? Or is it acceptable for it to be single-spaced?

For the Project Report, your acknowledgements should be included in the body of the report and be double-spaced. The references and bibliography may be either single-spaced or double-spaced.

Is it enough to repeat the experiment 10 times? How much times should an experiment be repeated?

This is a harder question to answer, because the number of times an experiment should be repeated depends on the kind of experiment that you are doing. Scientists repeat experiments to determine that their results are consistent - so the question to ask yourself is, are you getting consistent results? We suggest that you talk to your science teacher or mentor to determine if 10 times is appropriate for the kind of experiment that you are doing.

Is the bibliography included in the 5-page allowed?

Yes, you can include the bibliography in the 5 pages if you wish.

Does the poster require acknowledgements and references or can they just be included in solely in the report?

Your poster should have acknowledgements and references on it. You only need to include references for sources that you have used on the poster itself.

For referencing the poster, does there have to be a specific format in which the referencing must be done? (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.)

For referencing, there is no required format - please select the one you are most familiar with and use it consistently throughout your poster & other materials.

Is it ok if a presentation is shorter than expected? For example, a special awards presentation should be about 90 seconds long, according to the Judging 101 video. If my presentation is 56 seconds, should I elaborate on the subject, or should I just keep it as is?

We recommend a 4 minute presentation for Special Awards, as the judges will have 10 minutes scheduled to talk with you. Your 90 second version (or "elevator pitch") is for Challenge awards or for when people stop by who tell you they only have a few minutes. It is OK if your presentation isn't exactly 90 seconds. When you are working on it, think about what knowledge you want the judge to remember about your project - have you gotten the points you need to across in your elevator pitch?

I've got my completed logbook from the day I started my experiment and I completed it a long time ago when my project was completed. I am just wondering what to do with the pages that I have not used in the book. Do I just leave it empty?

Yes, you can leave the pages you did not use in the book as blank pages.


Dear Participant!
Welcome to the 55th Canada-Wide Science Festival (CWSF) in Montréal, Quebec. This booklet will provide you with all the information you need to ensure a memorable CWSF 2016 experience! You can access it on your smart devices or print it and bring it with you.
Accommodations: About the Bishop Mountain Hall (BMH) Complex:
Beautiful Mount Royal Park, Montreal’s namesake, provides the backdrop for the Bishop Mountain Hall complex, located just north of McGill's main campus at the very top of University Avenue. Often referred to as “Upper Rez”, CWSF finalists and delegates will be housed in three identical buildings: McConnell, Molson and Gardner Halls. This ideal location leaves the commotion of urban Montreal behind, providing privacy as well as spectacular views of downtown.
Nature lovers and those with athletic inclinations will love the combination of green space and easy access to the exhibition hall, a few hundred metres away. Please note that we encourage you to bring comfortable walking shoes as there is an incline between the residences and the exhibition hall. 

Life in Upper Rez - What to expect:

Accommodations in the upper residences are traditional private dormitory-style rooms. The majority have one single bed, an armoire, dresser drawer, work area including a desk, and a small refrigerator. Note that the rooms are not air-conditioned but the windows open enough to allow for air circulation.

All bedrooms have close access to a shared washroom. Washrooms are gendered, shared amongst the occupants in a wing, and include multiple sinks, private toilets and shower stalls.

Each residence hall has large common spaces, though the evening student and delegate lounges will be housed in the McConnell Arena.

Something to keep in mind while packing: there are laundry facilities available in each Residence Hall.

The residences offer incredible security and peace of mind. Far from the traffic of the downtown core, the upper residences have very low vehicular traffic. The main doors of each residence are locked, and for added security purposes, a Night Steward patrols the grounds and residences daily from 22:00 to 6:00.

Finalists and delegates will be assigned to rooms based on gender. All finalists and delegates will have their own single room.

Room amenities included: 
- Bed linens (pillow, sheets and blankets)
- Towels (but bring extra)
- Wireless internet access 
- Each residence building has laundry facilities
- Each residence floor has a small kitchenette
What to bring with you:
- Your favourite amenities (shampoo, toothpaste, etc…)
- An extra towel
- Comfortable walking shoes (Residences are located on a hill)
- Appropriate weather gear 
- Shower shoes (typically flip flop style sandals that can be worn in the showers) 
Meals: Bishop Mountain Hall Cafeteria 
Located at the foothills of Mount Royal, the views from Bishop Mountain Dining Hall are nothing short of spectacular. The menu includes an array of homemade items, such as soups, hot entrées and delicious desserts that have been made from scratch using fresh ingredients. 
Participants will enjoy nutritious, well-balanced meals in a comfortable atmosphere. Food services will ensure that all dietary restrictions are accommodated, including vegetarian, vegan, kosher, halal, as well as allergies and other restrictions. It is very important that participants with dietary needs indicate this as part of the registration process
McConnell, Molson and Gardner Halls (the participant residences) surround the Bishop Mountain Hall cafeteria (BMH). BMH is strategically placed at the centre of the three residences and will be the main cafeteria, for Finalists and Delegates. Breakfasts, most lunches, and a few dinners will be served at this cafeteria. 
Most dinners will be integrated into the evening activities to be held in and around McConnell Arena. The McConnell Arena will be transformed into spectacular student lounges, with plenty of seating for meals. Evening themes include: Saveurs de Montréal (Flavours of Montréal), Upper Rez Block Party, Sugar Shack, as well as the Gala Dinner and MUCH video dance.
Did we mention that the McGill food services are the Guinness Book of World records for edible accomplishments such as “the World’s largest brownie” and “the World’s largest smoothie”?  Chef Oliver de Volpi and his talented team look forward to welcoming you into their kitchens.



Shop the CWSF Online Store

Visit the Online Store to pre-order your CWSF merchandise, including hoodies, t-shirts, mugs - and Expo, the CWSF Bear. Your order will be ready for pickup at the CWSF Store outside the Project Zone.


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Go to http://eventmobi.com/app/cwsf-espc20 in your device's web browser

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Go to http://eventmobi.com/app/cwsf-espc20

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In case you missed the ‘Meet the Winners’ breakfast during the Canada-Wide Science Fair, here is a summary of the interview with the three Platinum Award winners. Read more
Thu, May 18, 2017 by Jessie MacAlpine
Today was a fun and busy day for the finalists, beginning in the morning with rotations between public viewing in the exhibit hall and the STEAM event across the University of Regina campus. In the afternoon, finalists split into groups for the U R a Scientist sessions, allowing students to learn more about the cool science being conducted right here in Regina. Read more
Wed, May 17, 2017 by Jessie MacAlpine
Now that judging has officially ended, the finalists and delegates woke up bright and early to begin their exploration of Saskatchewan on a variety of different tours. Thanks to the hard work of the local host team, there was an incredible variety of tours available for the students. Read more
Wed, May 17, 2017 by Jessie MacAlpine
This morning, finalists and delegates arrived at breakfast bright and early, dressed to impress for the day of judging ahead. As the clock struck 8am, the students rushed into the exhibit hall to make last minute adjustments to their displays and nervously await the arrival of the judges. Read more
Mon, May 15, 2017 by Jessie MacAlpine
Today marked the first official day of the Canada-Wide Science Fair! This morning finalists set-up their project in the exhibit hall in preparation for judging day tomorrow. Then in the afternoon, finalists and delegates divided to go to their separate orientations before some free time and relaxation. Read more
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