Q&A about Judging

Before asking a question, make sure you watch carefully the four "Judging 101 for Finalists" videos and read the questions and answers that have already been posted.

If you still have a question, fill in this form anonymously and the judging committee will get back to you with an answer within 48 hours. The deadline to post new questions is May 10, 2018.

Q: The instructions regarding the 5 page report are different in the training video and in the section entitled 'projects: report' on the CWSF finalist webpage. The advise different sections for the report. (i.e. one says to list purpose and hypothesis, one says neither should be included, etc.). Which instructions should we follow?

A: Please follow the instructions on the CWSF Finalist webpage. We updated our five page report instructions this year to better fit the different kinds of projects that are at the CWSF. We're working on updating the video and hope to have it available soon!