Projects – Judging 101 Videos for Finalists (2016)






Questions from finalists and answers from the judging committee. After watching the 4 videos and reading the answers to questions from finalists, if you still have a question, please fill out our Q&A form and come back here in 48 hours for an answer. 


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Would it be considered plagiarism if a very similar experiment has already been performed? Like if you have made some changes, but it is basically very similar. Is it just enough to cite it?

If you have performed a similar experiment to one that has been done before, you need to do two things: The first is to cite it. The second is to write about what you have done in the experiment that is different: what unique contributions have you made? This information should be included in your five page report and on your poster.

In the five-page report, does the bibliography/references/acknowledgements have to be double-spaced as well? Or is it acceptable for it to be single-spaced?

For the Project Report, your acknowledgements should be included in the body of the report and be double-spaced. The references and bibliography may be either single-spaced or double-spaced.

Is it enough to repeat the experiment 10 times? How much times should an experiment be repeated?

This is a harder question to answer, because the number of times an experiment should be repeated depends on the kind of experiment that you are doing. Scientists repeat experiments to determine that their results are consistent - so the question to ask yourself is, are you getting consistent results? We suggest that you talk to your science teacher or mentor to determine if 10 times is appropriate for the kind of experiment that you are doing.

Is the bibliography included in the 5-page allowed?

Yes, you can include the bibliography in the 5 pages if you wish.

Does the poster require acknowledgements and references or can they just be included in solely in the report?

Your poster should have acknowledgements and references on it. You only need to include references for sources that you have used on the poster itself.

For referencing the poster, does there have to be a specific format in which the referencing must be done? (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.)

For referencing, there is no required format - please select the one you are most familiar with and use it consistently throughout your poster & other materials.

Is it ok if a presentation is shorter than expected? For example, a special awards presentation should be about 90 seconds long, according to the Judging 101 video. If my presentation is 56 seconds, should I elaborate on the subject, or should I just keep it as is?

We recommend a 4 minute presentation for Special Awards, as the judges will have 10 minutes scheduled to talk with you. Your 90 second version (or "elevator pitch") is for Challenge awards or for when people stop by who tell you they only have a few minutes. It is OK if your presentation isn't exactly 90 seconds. When you are working on it, think about what knowledge you want the judge to remember about your project - have you gotten the points you need to across in your elevator pitch?

I've got my completed logbook from the day I started my experiment and I completed it a long time ago when my project was completed. I am just wondering what to do with the pages that I have not used in the book. Do I just leave it empty?

Yes, you can leave the pages you did not use in the book as blank pages.