A Message to Parents

We are thrilled to be hosting the 58th Annual Canada-Wide Science Fair in the capital city of Canada’s only officially bilingual province: Fredericton, New Brunswick.  Rest assured, when your young scientist arrives in Fredericton, they will be greeted with warm Maritime hospitality as our community rolls out the red carpet to welcome each finalist!

As parents, we thought you might be interested in reading about some of the goals we have as a host team:

  • To provide a safe and secure environment for all participants:
    • Each participant will be required to wear a namebadge throughout the Fair, the back of the namebadges includes emergency contact information as well as any relevant medical information (eg., allergies).
    • The host site for the Fair is the University of New Brunswick campus.  In addition to the host team, there will also be campus security personnel available to help ensure a safe environment. All finalists and delegates will be staying in residence accommodations.  We have live-in staff in each building and work closely with our campus security to ensure the safety of all of our guests.  Meals will be served primarily in our residence dining rooms where participants are free to choose items that are safe for them.  Please sure to tell us about special dietary needs on the registration form and encourage your student to identify these needs to their delegate(s) as well as food service staff in our dining room and at events if they have any questions.
    • Please ensure that your child understands that the adults appointed by his/her regional science fair (known as the delegates) are acting on your behalf, and that your child must have any activity approved by that adult before proceeding. It is vital to your child’s safety and wellbeing that we have delegates fulfill this parental role at CWSF 2019. It is equally important that your child recognize the delegates’ authority as well as that of any authorized CWSF officials or appointed delegates, who are ensuring a safe environment for everyone’s sake.
  • To provide the finalists with exciting new experiences and opportunities to create memories and friendships to last a lifetime:
    • From our opening event to evening activities, tours of our province, UNBelievable Science Experiences, the awards ceremony and closing event, we have planned lots of incredible experiences for your child.  Please encourage them to be open to these experiences and make the most of this week!

Further CWSF 2019 details will be posted on this website in the months ahead, so simply review the content as May 2019 approaches. If you have any questions or require more information between now and then, please refer to the contact details. During the week of the fair, there will be a CWSF App featuring daily information to help you keep up with the activities.

We look forward to welcoming your young scientist to Fredericton and plan to make this event an UNBelievably amazing experience for everyone!

- David Desjardins & Michelle McNeil on behalf of the CWSF2019 Local Host Team