5 from Canada among 60 Google Science Fair semi-finalists

Mon, 2011-05-09 11:59 -- Reni Barlow

Five Canadian projects are among the 60 semi-finalists announced today in the inaugural Google Science Fair (GSF). Similar in structure to the Canada-Wide Science Fair, the GSF groups projects into three age categories with all projects in the age category competing against each other, regardless of the type of science.

The five Canadian projects are:

Age 13-14

  • Coliform populations in homes - Ann Ding (Manitoba)
  • The Greener Green Bin - Marc Ting (Ontario)
  • Train Your Brain with Exercise - Kevala Van Volkenberg (British Columbia)

Age 15-16

  • Airborne Attack - Rebecca Todesco (Alberta)

Age 17-18

  • Feature Point Analysis System - Christopher Nielsen (Alberta)

Rebecca Todesco and Kevala Van Volkenberg are participating as finalists at the2011 Canada-Wide Science Fairin Toronto and Christopher Nielsen is a member of Team Canada-ISEF, competing at the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair in Los Angeles. Marc Ting was a finalist at CWSF 2010 in Peterborough.

Google is asking the public to vote for one project in each age category to determine the winner of the "People's Choice" Award. Click the link for each project above to view the Project Summary and vote. You only get one vote per age category and voting closes on May 20, the final day of the Canada-Wide Science Fair.

The 60 Google Science Fair semi-finalists represent 7 different countries:

  • USA - 30
  • India - 7
  • Canada - 5
  • Singapore - 5
  • New Zealand - 1
  • South Africa - 1
  • United Kingdom - 1