Adam Noble, CWSF 2013 Best Project Award winner featured on CBC's The National

Tue, 2013-08-06 23:50 -- Reni Barlow

Adam Noble's groundbreaking work with nanosilver - the focus of two highly successful science fair projects - was featured tonight on CBC TV's The National.

His work includes:

  • an algae-based wastewater treatment system to recover nanosilver, for which he won major awards as a member of Team Canada-ISEF 2012 and at the 2012 Euopean Union Contest for Young Scientists (EUCYS); and
  • his latest research into the potential of using nanosilver to treat a variety of cancers, including neuroblastoma, which won the Best Project Award at the 2013 Canada-Wide Science Fair in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Watch the segment below, or click the link to view it on the CBC web site: