Carole Charlebois named Honourary Life Member

Wed, 2011-12-21 14:12 -- Reni Barlow

Carole Charlebois, Executive Director of the Conseil de développement du loisir scientifique (CDLS) from 1990 to 2011, has been named an Honourary Life Member by Youth Science Canada in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the mission of the organization.

Carole's extensive involvement as a member of the Youth Science Canada Board of Directors and National Science Fair Committee, as well as the MILSET (International Movement for Leisure Science and Technology) Board of Directors, has contributed significantly to the development of the Canada-Wide Science Fair and the MILSET Expo-Sciences International. Through the relationships she developed over the years with valued partners like Merck and Hydro-Québec, Carole's work enabled hundreds of young scientists to participate in these events and to experience being part of Québec and Canadian delegations to the CWSF and MILSET ESI.

After 21 years of tireless commitment to the promotion of science and technology among young Quebecers, Ms. Charlebois will retire from CDLS on December 22.

Photo: Youth Science Canada Executive Director Reni Barlow presents Carole Charlebois with the Honourary Life Member Award at her retirement event in Montréal.


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Congratulations, Carole! A well-deserved honour. Enjoy your retirement!        ... patti