CWSF 2012 Finalists Join Daily Planet World Record Volcano Attempt

Fri, 2012-08-31 17:01 -- Reni Barlow

In a quarry near Barrie, Ontario, eight junior finalists from CWSF 2012 join Alan Nursall of Discovery Channel's Daily Planet attempting to create the world's largest baking soda and vinegar volcano - and set a Guinness World Record.

At over 7 metres in height, this supersize version of the stereotypical science project takes the cliché to a whole new level.

"A chance to be on TV, a giant volcano and a world record, not to mention pyroclastic potatoes - what more could you want on a summer day!" noted Elora Weiler (13), of Emsdale, Ontario, while Stephanie Jiang (13) of Toronto commented, "I made new friends, learned about the stages of a volcano explosion, met Alan Nursall, and discovered what filming is like!"

Shortly after the shoot, Nursall tweeted, "Huge thank you to all the science fair kids who helped with the giant volcano on Thursday! @dailyplanetshow @cwsf_ysc"

Want to see what happens when you need a backhoe to load baking soda? Wonder whether the World Record attempt was successful? Watch the show on Tuesday, September 4th.

Daily Planet begins at 7pm on Discovery Channel.

UPDATE: See photos of the Guinness World Record-setting volcano from Alan Nursall on Facebook.