Lakefield, Ontario pair selected to compete in Stockholm Junior Water Prize competition

Fri, 2011-07-08 22:29 -- Reni Barlow

Adam Noble and Shayla Larson, both grade eleven students from Lakefield District Secondary School in Ontario, have been selected to represent Canada at the prestigious Stockholm Junior Water Prize competition in Stockholm, Sweden. Their project, The Hazards of Nanosilver Uncovered, examined the effect of nanosilver, an increasingly common commercial and industrial antimicrobial agent, on Euglena, a photosynthetic protozoanResults of their study indicated that absorbed nanosilver is toxic to Euglena, resulting in structural and functional changes and cell death.

The pair's project was one of three selected by the Canadian WEF Member Associations at the 2011 Canada-Wide Science Fair as an outstanding project related to one or more of: water and wastewater quality, water resource management, water projection, water treatment or wastewater treatment. Following the CWSF, all three were invited to submit an essay summary of their project for the final selection process. The two runners-up, Arnaud Desrosiers of Montréal, Québec and Rebeccah Sandrelli, each receive a $300 cash award.

Canada's representatives to the international competition have fared extremely well in recent years. In 2010, Alexandre Allard and Danny Luong of Québec City won the competition. (Click the link to read the story.) In 2009, Mary Zhao of Vancouver, BC received the runner-up award.