Meet the CWSF Ambassadors - Social Media Team

Sun, 2013-04-21 22:01 -- Reni Barlow

The CWSF 2013 Ambassadors are looking forward to helping finalists and delegates make the most of their CWSF experience. Meet the Ambassadors and learn what being a CWSF finalist meant to them.

The three Ambassadors on the Social Media Team will be covering everything that occurs at the CWSF, from project setup to the awards ceremony. Look for tweets, Facebook posts, and blog entries from our team!

Omar Choudhury

Age: 22
Province: Québec
Currently: Anatomy and Cell Biology at McGill University; Webmaster for Guaranteed Industries
CWSF: 2008

It’s not about the medals, whose project was superior, or who would get the most interviews, but rather, about collaboration, teamwork, and the manufacturing of friendships in a learning environment unparalleled by most.

Rachel Hunter

Age: 20
Province: Ontario
Currently: Film & Media and Psychology at Queen's University
CWSF: 2005

This type of environment is truly memorable and exceptional as participants from all over the nation and world were able to come together and share ideas in a positive and educational environment. Now, almost eight years later, I want to help make this wonderful life-lasting experience happen for others.

Vivian Pang (Senior Ambassador)

Age: 22
Province: Ontario
Currently: Nutritional Sciences and Family Studies from University of Guelph; YMCA School Age Child Care Supervisor
CWSF: 2008, 2011, 2012

Competing at the CWSF meant receiving acknowledgement for hard work from researchers, teachers, and fellow young scientists (and eventual friends!) from across Canada. Being a part of CWSF now means having an opportunity to make a positive impact on someone else’s science fair experience, and I’m looking forward to meeting everyone!