New Project Display System to Launch at CWSF 2013

Tue, 2012-10-23 12:36 -- Reni Barlow

Youth Science Canada is pleased to announce the new Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF) Project Display System, which will debut at CWSF 2013 in Lethbridge.

For some time, we've heard that traditional science fair project backboards are a source of frustration for regions, finalists, and parents preparing for, travelling to, and participating in the CWSF. They’re awkward, heavy, and expensive to ship or bring as extra luggage, and are the source of most issues during safety checks. As a result, over half the projects at CWSF 2012 used our medium density fibreboard (MDF) rental backboards, which has created maintenance, storage, and shipping issues for Youth Science Canada. (Did you know that each of the four pallets of rental backboards has a mass of over 1 tonne?)

What if those issues all just disappeared?

A task group of regional delegates formed at CWSF 2012 worked with the National Science Fair Committee and Youth Science Canada staff through the summer to tackle this issue. The result is a completely new approach to CWSF backboards - a standard commercial display unit for every project. This means: no more shipping fees; no more extra luggage fees; no more rental backboard fees; no more backboard safety check issues - in fact, no more backboards at all. From now on, CWSF finalists will only bring display materials - papers, posters, etc. - in a tube or in their luggage. We can already hear the cheering...

A quick summary of the new display:

  • 2.5 metre tall display units connect to form rows, with projects on both sides - no wasted space
  • at 1.4 metres wide, it's 20 centimetres wider than the old table space
  • at 70 centimetres deep, it's 9 centimetres deeper than a 24-inch (0.61 cm) table
  • includes a pre-printed header for every project
  • two display panels offer 26% more clear space than the old 3-panel rental backboard
  • acceptable adhesives (including Velcro dots and removable double-sided tape) will be supplied
  • display materials can include single pages, posters, and decorative items up to the size of the display panels
  • poster templates will be available on the CWSF web site in 2013

Download full details of the new CWSF Project Display System, complete with photos and measurements.

Rental, setup, and shipping of the new system is partially covered by a $50 increase in the CWSF registration fee (which hasn’t increased since 2005), but almost all regions will save much more than that on backboard-related expenses - as well as considerable time and frustration. Regional fairs will continue to use whatever backboards work for them, but all CWSF finalists will be required to use the new display.

We’re looking forward to a new look in the CWSF exhibit hall - and a level playing field for all finalists.