YSC Executive Director Honoured by Bayer Canada

Tue, 2013-05-28 19:50 -- Reni Barlow

This evening, at its 150th Anniversary Gala, Bayer Canada honoured select Canadians who have made a mark on society through science and innovation. Those recognized included Reni Barlow, Executive Director of Youth Science Canada. The event, held at the MaRS Centre in Toronto, assembled 300 members of the Canadian health, agricultural, and science industries to celebrate the achievements of the 23 honourees.

"When people think of Bayer, they often think of Aspirin® and not Felix Hoffman, the chemist who discovered the now universal pain reliever,” explained Christian Lauterbach, President and CEO of Bayer Inc. “We are saluting a small group of Canadians who share our passion and who work tirelessly to improve the quality of our lives through science and innovation."

The honourees represent the themes anchoring Bayer’s Science for a Better Life exhibit, which showcases a century-and-a-half of Bayer innovations.

Barlow was recognized under the theme of innovation - "...in particular, [his] contribution to innovative approaches to teaching science and [his] dedication to the promotion of scientific inquiry among Canadian youth."

Photo: Reni Barlow (right) receives award from Bayer CEO Christian Lauterbach (left).

A complete list of honourees is available on the Bayer Canada web site.