Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for Judges

1 I arrived at the Orientation, but the projects in my package were not the ones I was asked to read earlier. Why is this?
  Answer: Typically, about 20 judges drop out in the last few days before the fair. This requires some judges to be re-assigned at the last minute.
2 Why are some of my projects outside my area of expertise?
  Answer: There are several reasons: (a) We first assign judges to projects based on their expertise. If there are 50 projects in electrical engineering, but only 6 judges who are electrical engineers, then some non-electrical engineers have to be assigned. (b) Some judges drop out at the last minute, and have to be replaced. The expertise is unlikely to match. (c) Some national and international fairs deliberately include judges outside the topic of the project, because students should be able to explain their project to non-experts. Youth Science Canada has not adopted this as a policy, but it does happen in some cases.
3 Some projects self-nominated for a Special Award have no relation to the criteria. Why is this?
  Answer: We ask that you treat the first round of judging of the Special Awards partially as a celebration of the work of the student. The students can self-nominate for up to three Special Awards, in consultation with their Delegate. Eliminating projects by pre-screening before the fair creates significant problems. (a) We cannot speak to the student, and we cannot see the display, so it is difficult to be sure that a project is ineligible. (b) If we phone and say that a project has been removed from competition during pre-screening, it will cause a deep sense of dismay for the student before arrival at the CWSF. This is not the way to encourage students in science. Thus we choose not to pre-screen the projects for eligibility.
4 Can my partner come to the CWSF with me?
  Answer: To stay on campus, a partner will need to officially register for the CWSF and pay the registration fee. Judging-related commitments for judges are extensive from Sunday at 4:00 pm until Monday at 5:30 pm. There is a CWSF Guest Package, which for a fee, will enable guests to visit exhibits, listen to speakers, tour the exhibit floor, attend the Awards Banquet etc. However, these activities occur on Thursday and Friday only after judging is completed, and do not include accommodations, food, etc. For full details check and/or contact [email protected]