Cusp Judging Instructions

  1. Cusp Judging
  2. Instructions for Chairs
  3. Instructions for Judges
  4. Judging Forms
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Cusp Judging

Cusp Judging is a continuation of the Excellence Awards judging that took place in the morning.  The order in which projects are ranked is very important close to the boundaries between medals. In each age category, there are: 10 Gold medals, 20 Silver medals and 30 Bronze Medals. Thus project 10 gets a Gold Medal, while project 11 gets a Silver medal.

In the afternoon, we review the ranking of the projects close to these boundaries: Gold –Silver; Silver – Bronze; Bronze – no award.

We refer to this process as Cusp Judging.

Instructions for Chairs

  • CUSP judging teams have about three judges on each.
  • The chair participates in the CUSP judging process.
  • The list of projects will be provided by the Chief Judge Operations.
  • There will be about 8 such projects.
  • Your task is to judge these projects and rank them.
  • Judges have 8 minutes to interview the student, and 2 minutes to record their impressions.
  • Judges must not interrupt the Special Award Judging, which is timetabled.
  • Judges work alone.
  • Encourage your judges top keep to time!
  • You will meet as a team to decide your final results by consensus.
  • Pass your final results on to the Chief Judge Operations.
  • You will not be informed of the order of the projects given by the morning judging.

We appreciate your willingness to take on this important role in the judging process. Thank you!

Instructions for Judges

From To Activity
2:30 2:45 Meet at the Cusp judging tables
2:45 4:15 Interview the projects closest to your Cusp for ten mintes each.
Gold Silver 4 bottom gold, 4 top silver
Silver Bronze 4 bottom silver, 4 top bronze
Bronze No Award 4 bottom bronze , 4 top No Award
4:15 5:00 Reach a consensus on their ranking.
  • Each of these groups has a CUSP Chair responsible for organizing the process.
  • CUSP Judging takes place at the same time as the Special Awards judging, whose first round interviews are scheduled. CUSP judges must not interrupt the Special Award judges.
  • CUSP Judging cannot start until the results of the morning judging has been entered in to the data base and printed. If there is a delay, please be patient. A team of people is working hard on the problem.

If there is a project which you think has been badly undervalued, or badly overvalued, bring this to the attention of the Cusp Chair, who will pass it on to the appropriate other Cusp team for further evaluation. If your Cusp Chair is more than 10 minutes late, choose someone to act as Chair. Contact the Chief Judge Operations for a copy of the projects you are to judge, and start the judging process. Thank you for taking on this important role in the judging process. We much appreciate your willingness to serve in this way.


Please view the orientation for each of your judging assignments before you arrive at the fair on Monday in the late afternoon. There is not enough time to assimilate all the information after you arrive.

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