Welcome to Edmonton 2020

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May 9 to May 15

Welcome to Edmonton 2020

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The Project Zone will be in Hall A at the Edmonton Convention Centre, 9797 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, Alberta.
The Project Zone is about a 7-minute walk from both host hotels.
Admission to the Project Zone is restricted to those with CWSF ID, from the start (Sunday, May 10) to the end of the fair (Friday May 15). The only exception is during scheduled public/school viewing (May13-15).
Project Set-up:
The Project Zone is open for set-up on Sunday May 10 (13:30-17:30):
  • A CWSF display unit, including a preprinted header sign with the project title is provided for each project.
  • Use of the CWSF display unit is mandatory - do not bring a backboard of any kind.
  • Details of the display unit are available under Projects - Display
  • Approved adhesives will be provided and must be used - no other adhesives may be used.
  • Each CWSF display unit will have access to one AC outlet.
  • Wireless Internet will be available in the project zone.
When you arrive in the Project Zone:
  • Go to your assigned project number.
  • Each display unit will be supplied with adhesives.
  • If you need basic tools (e.g., scissors), or additional adhesives, go to the Tool booth.
  • If you need technical/computer assistance, go to the Information booth.
  • Once your project is completely set up, take any packing materials to the trash area or back to your room. (Packing materials cannot be stored at your display.)
  • Follow the procedure for the Project Safety-Check.

Note: No display materials may be added after the project has been approved.


More details will be available in early 2020.

Join us for University of Alberta Day!

What better way to kick off your week in Edmonton than with a fun, engaging, and interactive experience at the University of Alberta. Tour our beautiful campus that is home to outstanding research and world class facilities. Engage with our students and professors who help form our rich and vibrant science community with hands on activities that will give you a sense of what are passionate about.

We are excited to offer a similar experience for our guests who are bilingual or francophone at Campus Saint-Jean, our francophone campus. 

This day is for you. So come have fun, eat some food and be prepared to roll up your sleeves with our interactive workshops that will offer the right amount of challenge while strengthening your passion for all things STEM.

A snapshot of your day at the UofA:

  • A morning of fun activities that will take you around our campus.  (Spoiler alert… things may get a little competitive)
  • A delicious lunch followed by an afternoon of hands-on STEM activities covering varying areas of Science, Engineering and Sport Science.
  • Wrap up session with group time, prizes and more.

We are proud to be the host university for Canada-Wide Science Fair 2020, and look forward to welcoming you into the Edmonton community.

Play a fierce game of Apples to Apples, read a great book, play some video games, or exchange pins with new friends- the Finalist and Delegate Lounges, located in both host hotels, are the place to be in the evenings if you need some downtime. Board games, cards, video games, books, movies, and sports equipment will be available each evening. Snacks will also be available nightly. Weather permitting, there will also be plenty of opportunities to play outdoors and explore the city.

STEM Expo is Canada's largest youth science, technology, engineering and mathematics outreach and promotion event and runs concurrently with the CWSF on Wednesday to Friday.

Exhibitors include government agencies, universities and colleges, private companies from various industries, outreach and education programs, museums and youth groups. STEM Expo is focused on offering engaging, hands-on activities, inspiring presentations and exciting demonstrations to all our visitors to showcase the opportunities that exist in STEM. It will take place in Hall B of the Edmonton Convention Centre.

Early in the week, the focus for finalists is on scientific, social and cultural program activities, including judging for the competition. During the last three days of the Fair, finalists not only share their projects with 10,000 visiting students, teachers and the public, but they also have an opportunity to explore STEM Expo.

The Awards Ceremony will be held on Thursday May 14 from 16:00-18:00 in Hall D at the Edmonton Convention Centre.

Following the Awards Ceremony, all attendees will have the opportunity to mingle with new friends and enjoy photo ops. Registered CWSF participants will be invited to stay for a banquet dinner, followed by a farewell dance.

Tickets for the Awards Ceremony will be available to visitors on a first come, first served basis in early 2020.

All registered CWSF participants will be invited to stay at the Convention Centre as we celebrate an amazing week of accomplishments! CWSF 2020 Finalists and Delegates will enjoy a celebratory Awards Gala Dinner. A dance will follow the banquet dinner. Quiet spaces will also be available.

We invite you to come to Hall C and meet the CWSF 2020 Winners.

Project take down will happen starting at 15:00 on Friday May 15th.

A check-out system will be in place to ensure that all project materials and adhesives have been completely removed from the display units. Further details will be available on site.


Online Registration, Awards Program, Sponsors and General Inquiries
CWSF Event/Logistics
  • Toll-free: 866-341-0040 ext. 232 (Julia McDevitt, Fair Director)
  • Toll-free fax: 866-613-2542
  • [email protected]
  • Toll-free: 866-341-0040 ext. 233 (Liette Philippe, STEM Expo Manager)
  • Toll-free fax: 866-613-2542
  • E-mail: [email protected]
CWSF School Visits
Travel Inquiries
Participants should check with their region’s CWSF Team coordinator regarding travel information. He/she receives regular updates from the Youth Science Canada Equalized Travel Plan Coordinator.


What will the weather be like in Edmonton in May?
Average temperatures in May range from 5° to 20°C. Be prepared for rain by packing a raincoat, umbrella and comfortable walking shoes. It can become very windy so a windbreaker is highly recommended.
Will there be vegetarian food?
Yes, the caterers are fully prepared for vegetarian, vegan, halal and other food needs. Make sure to include your dietary restrictions in the registration system.
Will there be security for the projects?
Yes, there is 24-hour security provided in the Exhibit Hall. We recommend that students keep electronic devices with them overnight.
Are parents able to attend the Canada-Wide Science Fair events?
Parents and the general public are invited to visit the exhibits during public viewing. See "Public Viewing" for details.

Tickets for the Awards Ceremony will be available for parents and the general public on a first-come, first-served basis. See "Awards Ceremony" for details.

A special 3-day package has been created for guests wishing to spend a few days in Edmonton. See visitors page.

Will there be buses running between events during the week?
Most events will take place at the Convention Centre, which is an easy walk from the hotels. Participants will use the LRT or buses to get to off-site events.
Is the site wheelchair-accessible?
Yes, both the hotels and the Convention Centre are fully accessible: however, please indicate any requirements during online registration.
Can I choose my roommates in residence? 
Yes. Your Regional Coordinator can match you with a roommate of the same gender from your region in the online registration system. Finalists who cannot be grouped with others from their own region may be matched with finalists from other regions in the same residence area as your own group or may have their own room.
Can I have my own room?
No. All accommodations for finalists and delegates will be "shared" (i.e., there will be 2 persons per bedroom). Finalists and delegates will be assigned to rooms based on gender. There may be instances where single rooms occur, but itr will be on a need basis.
​Delegates: please note that the accommodations may also be shared.
Will there be Internet access during the CWSF?
Yes, wireless Internet Internet will be available in the hotels and at the Convention Centre.
What if I need a computer for my project display?
Finalists must make their own arrangements for any equipment required.
Do regions have to send a delegate of each gender if the region has male & female finalists?
No. While this is preferred for groups with more than five finalists, the residences and activities will be organized to ensure adequate supervision for both genders. Regional Delegates will share this responsibility.
What do I need to bring?
Most of the week is casual and comfortable walking shoes are recommended however, many finalists choose to "dress up" for judging. The awards ceremony and banquet are designated as “dress-up” activities, which usually means a suit or jacket and tie for men and a dress or skirt/blouse or suit for women. Floor length dresses are not recommended.
Project materials and supplies
  • All materials and equipment for your project, carefully packed to meet airline or shipping regulations. Please note that the CWSF project display system will be used. Do not bring your own backboard.
  • Supplies needed to set up the project must be placed in checked baggage only – Airport security will confiscate tools in hand luggage.
  • Backup digital files for your display materials (just in case), data/logbook (printed at home) and extra copies of the Project Report.
  • Materials needed to repack the display materials.
Personal Items
  • For air travelers, one piece of valid government issued photo ID that shows name, date of birth and gender is required. Reference: Government of Canada - Identity Screen RegulationsNote: The name on the identification must match the “legal name” in the CWSF online registration system, which will appear on the boarding pass.
  • Money for personal expenses; 
  • Dress clothes for the Awards Ceremony/Banquet; business attire for judging; casual clothes for other occasions; comfortable shoes for walking and active tours.
  • Health card and personal identification (see above for air travellers).
  • Light rain gear; comfortable footwear; a warm sweater, jacket or windbreaker.
  • Swimwear and gym clothes for activities.
  • Personal toiletries and required medications; Gravol for motion sickness on aircraft, trains, buses or boats.
  • Musical instruments and other performance items can be brought if you’d like to share your talents in lounge areas.
  • Reading material, games or other quiet activities for between judging interviews.
  • Camera, alarm clock, cell phone and charging devices.
  • Regional fair pins or other items for trading.
What does CWSF registration include?
CWSF registration includes all activities and events, as well as:
  • accommodation
  • meals
  • tours
  • local transportation
Travel to Edmonton is provided for regional participants (finalists, delegates, and support adults) through the CWSF Equalized Travel Plan.

Incidental costs incurred by participants (souvenirs, phone calls, purchased snacks, entrance to museums, etc.) or regions (baggage fees, activities in addition to the scheduled program) are not included.

IB Exams
The International Baccalaureate (IB) Program World Office rules state that IB candidates must write their exams at their home school. In recent years, this has meant that an IB candidate selected for the CWSF had to choose between the CWSF and writing his/ her IB exams.
Recently however, several CWSF finalists have been successful in securing an exception to this ruling, based on the fact that the CWSF is an "international event."
Section A9.5.4 of the Special Circumstances and Arrangements section of the IB Guidelines, which are only accessible to a school's IB coordinator (i.e., at the finalist's school), states that a student may write his/her IB exam(s) at another location if the exam scheduling conflicts with "an event of international significance" in which the student is participating. It goes on to specify that the event must have participants from two or more countries other than the host country. The CWSF qualifies under this provision, as we welcome guest participants from Mexico and Taiwan.
Finalists with an IB exam or exams during the CWSF are encouraged to submit a Change of Venue for Exams to IB and they must request approval for the temporary leave to Youth Science Canada. Finalists must be present for the full Judging Day, all Public Viewing Hours and the Awards Ceremony.  See Policy CWSF Responsibilities - Finalist, Section 4.1.3
The CWSF Finalist, together with his/her school IB Coordinator, must submit a Change of Venue for Exams request, citing "conflict with an event of International significance." If the request is successful, the IB office, in collaboration with the school's IB coordinator, will arrange to send the exam(s) to an IB school in the CWSF host community, where the finalist writes the exam(s) under their supervision.
Please note that Youth Science Canada has no involvement with, or influence over the success of these requests. Finalists - and their school's IB Coordinator - are urged to submit Change of Venue for Exams requests as early as possible to ensure the greatest probability of success.
AP Exams
CWSF finalists who have an AP exam scheduled on May 9 to 15 during the CWSF must arrange for late-testing with their school’s AP Coordinator. The AP late-testing dates and times – during the week after the CWSF – are posted at: https://apcentral.collegeboard.org/courses/exam-dates-and-fees/late-testing-dates. There is a US$45 fee per exam for late testing under these circumstances. Please note: Late-testing arrangements are the sole responsibility of the CWSF finalist and his/her parent/guardian; Youth Science Canada assumes no responsibility for finalists missing exams, additional exam fees, or any other aspect of AP exam arrangements.


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