Schedule – Project Set-up (Sunday May 10)

The Project Zone will be in Hall A at the Edmonton Convention Centre, 9797 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, Alberta.
The Project Zone is about a 7-minute walk from both host hotels.
Admission to the Project Zone is restricted to those with CWSF ID, from the start (Sunday, May 10) to the end of the fair (Friday May 15). The only exception is during scheduled public/school viewing (May13-15).
Project Set-up:
The Project Zone is open for set-up on Sunday May 10 (13:30-17:30):
  • A CWSF display unit, including a preprinted header sign with the project title is provided for each project.
  • Use of the CWSF display unit is mandatory - do not bring a backboard of any kind.
  • Details of the display unit are available under Projects - Display
  • Approved adhesives will be provided and must be used - no other adhesives may be used.
  • Each CWSF display unit will have access to one AC outlet.
  • Wireless Internet will be available in the project zone.
When you arrive in the Project Zone:
  • Go to your assigned project number.
  • Each display unit will be supplied with adhesives.
  • If you need basic tools (e.g., scissors), or additional adhesives, go to the Tool booth.
  • If you need technical/computer assistance, go to the Information booth.
  • Once your project is completely set up, take any packing materials to the trash area or back to your room. (Packing materials cannot be stored at your display.)
  • Follow the procedure for the Project Safety-Check.

Note: No display materials may be added after the project has been approved.